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Wait Till Marriage by Starlow-FTW Wait Till Marriage :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 222 250
The Gladiator Chapter 2: For Now
The darkness was blinding, the silence deafening, but the tension was thick as muck.  Guilermo was led by the legionary through a dark and murky hallway, the dripping ceiling barely grazing his head while each step he took kicked up dirt.  Guilermo felt the urge to hold the back of his head, as the spot where he had hit his head was pulsing.  When did he hit his head, anyways?  Minutes ago?  Hours?  Though Guilermo had been knocked out, he remembered first being dragged away from his prison by the legionary, although he wasn't completely aware.  Even at that moment, each drip from the leaking ceiling which splashed on his head woke him up little by little.
Occasionally Guilermo's knees buckled when taking a step.  Upon stepping over a mound of sand, Guilermo tripped, gasping.  It was only upon gasping did he remember that his mouth was still gagged.  The legionary dragging him merely glanced at him with a glare.  The glare wasn't o
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 0 0
One-Handed Jimmy
There is a limeric I know for you;
it's as true as the sky is blue.
For once there was a boy named Jimmy
his hair curly brown and skin like snow.
He was walking from school on a still winter day
when he passed by the house of old Mrs. Flo.
He staggered under the weight of his bag full of books
and leaned on the fence of the old lady.
The door creaked and out she leaked
waving her cane with a loud shriek.
"Stay away from this house or regret it for good!"
She swore and spat, shaking the hood.
Jimmy stuck his tongue out at the old little lady
when her angry chihuahua appeared, all in a frenzy.  
He chewed and he chomped, and didn't let go, you see...
And that's the story of one-handed Jimmy.
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 0 0
Why Religion Taxes Destroy Freedom by Starlow-FTW Why Religion Taxes Destroy Freedom :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 10 41
Not Impossible
It's a simple concept I'd like to inquire;
of the strongest force that man does require.
What moves the mountains and crumples towns-
what stirs whispers into thundering sounds?
Tyrants heels crush followers underfoot-
masters don't stop until it's covered in soot.
Blood like rain fills the streets end to end
parent against child, friend against friend.
What God has given to us, let not man fail-
it's bigger than a man and it breaks the scale.
Sadly, it can't pierce a blindfold with any trace
you'll know when you lose it like losing your face.
No power but God can strip it from men
but we give it up without dispute, and then
arises slavery, arises again serfdom,
and dream time is over- you dropped freedom.
Were freedom a dollar, would you let it slip?
If it were worth ten, would you not flip?
Our liberty is priceless, so where's the rage
upon seeing it being destroyed on every page?
It's a simple idea- we were made to choose
the path we desire, be us wise or fools.
Tell the oppressors
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 4 2
Happy Birthday to Pharaoh-Ink
Happy Birthday to you;
you live in the shoe
of a really old lady...
and she's kinda crazy!
Here's a big birthday cake.
I promise it's not fake.
Yes I really just went there-
I know it's not fair.
Happy Birthday to you;
a sandvich for you, too.
Just run from the heavy
before he steps on you.
Happy Birthday to you;
hope the day's special too.
May the world's joy be on you,
Happy Birthday to you.
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 1 2
Gun Control Won't Fix Anything by Starlow-FTW Gun Control Won't Fix Anything :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 129 0
T'was the Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, and in the white house
not a politician was stirring, not even a mouse.
The foodstamps were sent through the mail with care
in hopes that old Uncle Sam would not be there.
The people were nestled all snug in their beds
while visions of free money danced in their heads.
And mamma payed her bills and I lost my job
as we escaped black Friday's angry Christmas mob.  
And out on the street there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter
away from the window I fell in a flash
as an angry mob threw tons of bottles and trash.
The sun through the glass of my new broke window
blinded me as a thumbtack went right through my toe.
Cursing and screaming, I was unable to hear
that Santa Clause was in the riot somewhere near here.
With a pronounced wobble, and his speech in a funk
I knew in a moment that old Santa was drunk.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came
as Santa beat each one with his old, wooden cane.
Hey Dasher!  Go Dancer
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 8 11
Christian Scientists by Starlow-FTW Christian Scientists :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 58 85 War on Women?  MALARKY! by Starlow-FTW War on Women? MALARKY! :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 46 211 BAWWW TEH IMMITERITY BAWWW by Starlow-FTW BAWWW TEH IMMITERITY BAWWW :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 27 22
Just Persevere
When life is overwhelming      
and you're in a deep dark hole,   
when things have gotten too damn tough  
tearing right into your soul.   
When the clock grinds to a halt    
and you can't take one more hit   
don't ever think it's your fault    
don't you dare ever submit!   
Persevere through it
you've been strong for too long.
Don't be afraid to strip your mask
and don't worry about how long you can last.
Persevere through it
God has made you so strong.
I know you'll persevere
and He will keep you from the wrong,
just keep going.
Taking that one more step through
that is all you got to do.
When people tell you you're no good
I'd dispute it all for you.
You've got allies on this Earth
I'll be one to you always
one that reminds you of your worth
that you deserve for each day.
Persevere through it
you've been strong for too long.
Don't be afraid
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 4 5
The Gladiator Chapter 1: The Pain Train
During the iron fist of the Roman Empire's reign over Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, captured prisoners of Roman raids, many criminals, and slaves were forced to enter into gladiator matches to fight to the death for the entertainment of the Roman crowds, the Emperor, and if they survived long enough, any shred of honor and victory they may have developed while confined in their cells.  If one man wasn't killed already in the brutal fight, one would be pinned, vulnerable to one swift blow to end their victim's life, at the mercy of the crowds.  If the crowd gave a thumbs up, it was to let the pinned fighter live, for they fought "courageously and honorably" in the eyes of the Roman crowd.  If they gave the the thumbs down, the victor would deliver the killing blow.  Should the Emperor be present, he gave a thumbs up or thumbs down, and that was the decision regardless of the crowd's consensus.  
Gladiators tended to be armed
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 2 2
Gay Marriage or Traditional Marriage: Who Decides? by Starlow-FTW Gay Marriage or Traditional Marriage: Who Decides? :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 35 203 Political Test That I Decided to Take by Starlow-FTW Political Test That I Decided to Take :iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 3 35
Guilty Displeasure
Though you yell, nobody can hear
your silent screams of misery and fear.
Though an inferno burns within,
the smoke isn't released, akin
to a plastic bag being tightened more and more
until you drop lifeless to the floor.
The colors of the rainbow are sucked away
children never smile when they go out to play
mountains are inverted and clouds are flat
every animal hibernates, from a lion to a rat.
The mime mourns, the mothers cry
and you watch while the rivers run dry.
What weighs more; a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?
It doesn't really matter, it's all on you without a fix.
Mirrors here, mirrors there, mirrors everywhere;
mirrors reflecting what the eyes can't bear.
It all builds up and the pressure hikes;
wow, so this is what guilt feels like.
:iconstarlow-ftw:Starlow-FTW 6 6


Reliable Bible 2 by PoppyCorn99 Reliable Bible 2 :iconpoppycorn99:PoppyCorn99 105 83 Free Hetero dA Icon by Tamatanium Free Hetero dA Icon :icontamatanium:Tamatanium 43 37 Pro-Life Stamp by DixieKristen Pro-Life Stamp :icondixiekristen:DixieKristen 84 0 They can by LostAtSeaOFF They can :iconlostatseaoff:LostAtSeaOFF 24 47 SWAG MOBILE by Mixermike622 SWAG MOBILE :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 4,347 795 The continuing war of the centuries... by vikingerik78 The continuing war of the centuries... :iconvikingerik78:vikingerik78 3,214 358 Oh, What a Love! by enterrest Oh, What a Love! :iconenterrest:enterrest 39 13 Jesus 33 by Zakharii Jesus 33 :iconzakharii:Zakharii 21 2 Growing Up Hurts... by Mintaka-TK Growing Up Hurts... :iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 481 64 LoK: Outdated Ideas by Neodusk LoK: Outdated Ideas :iconneodusk:Neodusk 7,754 875 Eco-Con by Chiminix Eco-Con :iconchiminix:Chiminix 31 5




Second Best Thing Since Sliced B
United States
Here are my views (religious):
-I believe in Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Rule numero uno here.
-I believe in the Bible and believe that it is the inspired Word of God down to the letter.
-I believe that you should love others, even if you don't agree with what they do or say.
-Yes, this means I'm against homosexuality. No, this doesn't mean I hate homosexuals. I'm against a lot of things; it's not special, just my choice to believe in. I'm also against eating pork and drinking. I don't raid bars or delis.
-Yes, I do in fact have the ability to think for myself; I just choose to listen to God over what a crooked politician tells me. How is that anything but thinking for myself?
-I'm also creationist. I don't believe that we are the descendant of a unicellular common ancestor, although I do believe in evolution. I'm educated. I will respect what you believe even if you don't show it in kind.

Some more views:
-Pro second amendment
-Pro constitution
-neutral on gay marriage (I prefer keeping the issue out of the federal gov't altogether)
-pro capitalism/anti socialism
-Pro America
-pro freedom

1. Disagreeing is permitted.
2. Do not abuse my watchers or anyone else commenting. Watchers, do not abuse other commenters. Hold me to such a standard.
3. Do not glorify Satan unless you want to hear a Bible verse or two, and even if you did, all you had to do was ask rather than employ such self-depreciating methods.
4. Do not curse at me or use slurs at me. You'll lose all respect that I have for you.
5. Do not comment and then block me for fear of my response. I won't attack you, but if you insist on it, I'll just leave a comment above telling everyone what you just did.
6. Do not steal my art. There is no reason to; my stamps are free to use and if you just ask I'll let you quote whatever you want. If you steal from me, though, you will regret it.
7. If you violate the rules above, do not whine in a journal about how mean I am or how I blocked you or embarrassed you.

Now, I'm always here to be a friend to anyone who happens to come by. I'm a busy person as I do have a life offline, such as building things, so I'm sorry in advance if I don't respond instantly.

I'm a video game lover, crappy drawer, poet, writer, animal lover, and athlete. Variety is the spice of life, but there's nothing wrong with a routine.

Don't feel shy if you want to note me or comment about anything you want. I'll always answer those. If commenting on my deviations, I'll read every one of your comments even if I don't respond to them all. Also, click on that watch button up there. I'd appreciate if you donated points to me, as well. I don't spend them on myself. I never said I was against redistribution of points. ;)

Yo puedo hablar español, por eso si no quiere hablar ingles, entonces comenta y yo voy a tratar de responder. :)

Current Residence: The moon in Majora's Mask
deviantWEAR sizing preference: qué?
Favourite genre of music: tie between metal, rock, and country.
Personal Quote: If you want to be the best, don't do what everyone else does.


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Flow-51 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bet you don't remember me.
Gerbil-Powered-WiFi Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Student Artist
Hi :)
deadstamps Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
shutcho bitchass up
Iightyears Featured By Owner Edited Apr 11, 2016
Sorry you're getting all the hate, man.  We are all free to our own opinions.
BlueWolfPrincess Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Student General Artist
Hail Satan

Okay, I'm really sorry ^^; That was my poor attempt at a joke. Please don't take it seriously, I'm full of them. Bad jokes I mean!

In all honesty, we do not share opinions and you know what? That is completely okay. We are polar opposites, but even I can say that the senseless hate coming at you is ridiculous.

I am gay and all for gay rights. (If my icon says anything about that.) You are not. Yet, unlike any one else who is not for it, you don't go out of your way to make it known by spreading hate. I applaud you for that and I appreciate it very much. I've also not seen any proof of you being exceedingly homophobic.

It's okay. People are going to disagree constantly and to berate someone for having a different opinion is insanely immature and frankly, very stupid.

I believe I know who the hate source is, but I'm not going to publicly name names or point fingers. If you wish to continue this conversation, please note me! I'd be more than happy to help you out.

You appear to be a very understanding, nice and polite person and you don't deserve to have all this nonsense thrown upon you.
K0BRAKIDD Featured By Owner Edited Nov 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It sucks about all this hate.
I've yet to see proof of you hating/being rude to gay people
I understand Christians and I respect those who don't support it. It's okay,it's your belief.
The only problem would be if you were being deliberately rude and disrespectful.
Starlow-FTW Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
It's very strange... I got a few comments all of a sudden about homosexuality (and this is a semi-dead account, mind you; I've not posted something in several months and had no plans to, actually). 
Honestly, I don't hate gay people.  For crying out loud I think eating pork and drinking alcohol is a sin... nobody bats an eye!  I've yet to yell at people about their ham sandwich and six pack and it'd be ridiculous to say I hate those people... homosexuality is really no different to me, and I do not, under any circumstances, hate or even really dislike gay people.  I certainly would like to think I've not disrespected anyone. 
K0BRAKIDD Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah honestly,people get so upset when they're labeled with gender and sexuality
and then they go off and label people as homophobes for no reason
I'll try and end this drama for you,it's quite annoying
Starlow-FTW Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
I appreciate that, my friend.  I'm still quite puzzled about all the sudden attention I got, sort of blindsided if you will.
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