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Anti-Gender Neutrality by Starlow-FTW Anti-Gender Neutrality by Starlow-FTW
I'm sick and tired of this "gender neutral" crap that has taken the world by storm. I saw this in the news and I was horrified two parents decided that they didn't want their child to be "molded by stereotypes" and so they refused to allow their boy to play with any "boy" toys like GI Joes, trucks, etc. No, instead they forced him into dresses and play with Barbies. They wanted to avoid him basing his thoughts and personality on stereotypes. They wanted him to be "himself". The only reason they stopped was because he started school.

Really? Isn't that about the dumbest thing you've ever heard? Boys and girls are *gasp* different! A little boy will not be just like a little girl! That's the way we were MADE. It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! That alone shows that God had something different in mind for girls and boys. If not, there wouldn't have been more than one gender.

My advice is this; quit with the idea that girls and boys are exactly the same. When did it become sexist to tell a boy to "be a man"? I, for one, support the typical boy who is afraid of girls because they have cooties. I also support not calling a boy who likes pulling the heads off barbie dolls a future violent offender. I also support not shaving a girl's head because you think she's filling too many stereotypes if her hair is long! If a girl wants to wear dresses, she can. If a boy wants to play with trucks, let him. Stop making them into something they're not, and get through your thick, PC, pot-smoking hippy skulls that girls and boys are different, and you are not one to change that.

EDIT: One thing I wanted to add that I should have at the beginning is that our society wants you to believe that men and women are the same.  They are not.  Society also wishes to have you believe that the same=equal, so that you can be accused of sexism if you don't believe that men and women are the same.  Men and women are different, yet equal in value, both to God and man.  It's these differences that make both special and valuable. 

Comments disabled because, well, 300 out of 347 comments telling me identical things grates after a while.  I appreciate comments, I really do, and I read and consider them all even if I don't reply.

EDIT 2: *sigh* No, it's not suddenly wrong for girls to enjoy things boys stereotypically like or vice versa.  If a girl wants to play with trucks, I honestly don't care.  My point is this; don't raise a boy without a truck just because you don't think gender exists.  There, hopefully that clears up a lot.
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